24 December, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well,it's Christmas time again and you know what that means. Daffodil season is only a few short weeks away. Here in East Alabama the weather has been mostly warm so I am already seeing little green sprouts everywhere. This could mean early blooms just like in 2012 or it could be very bad news since much colder weather is on the way. Luckily I have plenty of free mulch material so I'm hoping for the best.

Thank goodness I bet against the Mayan Apocalypse and planted more daffodils this autumn. I started a whole new flower bed and planted several early blooming varieties in bulk. This is an area that is bright and sunny until about mid-April and then in full shade during the summer months so it would be a waste to plant jonquils there. Hopefully I will see plenty of flowers from Minnow,Tete-a-Tete, Ice Follies,Jetfire and Carlton in February and March..

The 2012 daffodil season was a very strange one indeed and I'm planning a year end post for next week after the hectic pace of Christmas settles down a bit.  .Thanks so much to all of you who follow this blog and to all my virtual gardening friends from FB,Squidoo,Twitter and other social media sites.

Happy Holidays Everyone!